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This site is back online for your use! Thank you for your patience as we have worked to restore the public septic system records search engine!

The vast majority of the septic system records are now available. In the event your search is unsuccessful or if you need assistance, please reach out to your Regional Environmental Field Office or email your request to Please include with your email request as much of the following information as possible:

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Property location information (e.g., Subdivision, Lot, Map and Parcel) can be found on the TN Property Data website.

Many older records found in this database do not include Map and Parcel information. If data is not found using Map and Parcel, please leave this section blank and search by using the other search fields.
Many records are filed under the original property owner’s name. If no successful searches are found under the current owner’s name, please enter the original property owner’s name.

Digitization of septic system records is ongoing at this time. If you do not find the information you are seeking, please contact the TDEC Regional Environmental Field Office nearest you listed in the Contact section at the top of this search page.

Please note, this database does not include records for the following metro/contract counties: Blount, Davidson, Hamilton, Jefferson, Knox, Madison, Sevier, Shelby, or Williamson county. For records information in these contract counties, please click on the county name to visit its website for more information.

To allow for expanded searches, this database is designed to generate partial matches of the search fields provided. However, if any of the data entered does not match a record, then no search results will be generated; thus, less search information entered will generate broader search results.

The electronic documents on this site reflect records from the Division of Water Resources’ files. Due to possible factors such as age of the records, undocumented modifications and changes in property ownership, the data provided may not be fully accurate, current or reliable, nor do the records provided attest to the subsurface sewage disposal system’s current functionality. For file requests supporting property transactions, an onsite visit and attempt to further verify existing records on the property in question may be conducted by the Division of Water Resources via request for an ”Inspection Letter” service. To apply for this service, please visit: and apply online along with the associated $200 fee.